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Alas, some non military operators in the early days were not, that is where 'ham' came from: because the operators sounded 'ham-fisted'.

When I was a young boy my navy father taught me an exercise for learning rhythm it is: best bent wire / g Try it out some time on your morse key, you will be surprised how it improves your musicality. If I and in a group or a net there are many people hence 73's, plural.

The club call-sign is VK6AHR."to bring together Amateur Radio Operators, Citizen Band Operators wishing to upgrade to Amateur Radio Status and Shortwave Listeners, in the maintenance and furtherance of the amateur radio spirit"By and large this is still the primary objective of the club.

In practice, HARG has evolved into an organisation that provides a venue and structure for local amateurs to meet socially on a regular basis.

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The Hills Amateur Radio Group, affectionately known as HARG, is a club of enthusiasts who meet regularly to enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio.

HARG meets twice each month, the second and the last Saturday of each month.

The second Saturday is a social and activities day whilst the last Saturday of each month is a "formal" meeting (with talks).

More advanced players, and those looking for a larger prize pool, should sign up for the pro league, while those that would like to play more casually should participate in either the amateur or novice leagues.The usage of "73" for such a purpose comes from the Phillips Code, originally devised in the era of telegraphs to speed up transmission of common messages by mapping them to numbers."73" mapped to "best regards" or "my compliments" and was intended as a general valediction for transmitted messages.Our club house is located in the hills east of Perth in Western Australia.We have members from all walks of life who share a common interest in the hobby of Amateur Radio and enjoy socialising as well as radio activities.This page aimed at those who have just completed their Foundation course and now have their licence. When you’ve just been awarded your Foundation licence and got your callsign, it can be difficult what to do next – how to get on-air and how to chat to others to get help and advice.