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As a counsellor and presenter of marriage seminars on a regular basis I highly recommend this book. Practical, with good life application backed by science and research. This book is a favorite of many as it contains a lot more refreshing optimism than others.This is a hugely entertaining book about a journalist who examines why she is still single at 41.When it comes to the complicated subject of love, we can’t always trust out instincts to let us know that we are doing everything right.From having a crush to dating to trying to maintain a relationship, there are always points in a person’s love life where they need a little helping hand to guide them in the right direction.About the Author: Guest Contributor Meet Mindful is the first online dating site to serve the mindful lifestyle.

This book offers some great insight in to dropping the corny powers of seduction that you think are effective, and tapping to the power that true intimacy and affection can bring to a relationship.

Super interesting and gives you a completely fresh perspective on romance.

Well-qualified through her position as resident love expert on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Kailen’s book aims to help you let go of all the baggage that is holding you back from finding true love, and she even lays out a 30-day plan that will ensure you are completely love ready in a month.

The advice is backed up with research, and many of the author’s tips include information about body language, eye contact, giving compliments and the art of flirting.

When it comes to dating, all the small things matter!