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Maybe he’s prone to occasional depression, maybe it’s how you spend money, maybe he’s kinda mean when you fight, maybe you disagree on politics/religion or worse, or haven’t done it in 4 months.
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Once you've joined, you'll be able to: Ask questions of caregivers who have been in your shoes before.

I bought 2 tikets from Chicago to oscow and back for me and for my son.

It was what flying was like "back in the day" a nice experience. The staff put on a smiley face despite the delays and upset passengers. Horrible communicatuon between the crew and passengers. The delay in Chicago was poorly updated and once the plane landed the flight taxied for upwards of a half hour.

Delays from an earlier flight getting in and then maintenance delays. We didn't even get an apology from it being over 40 minutes late. Signed up for txt notifications, but not informed of flight dep delays; told repeatedly of 'full flights at del gate but not the case, lots of empty seats; delayed again on arrival, waiting for 'assigned' berthing to open up, which was assigned to another plane; had to walk 'miles' to get to security once inside terminal - why doesn't Air Canada get decent treatment in assigned berthing at Pearson, especially after midnight when there must be hardly any flights arriving... There were not enough agents to handle the amount of passengers or flights they had going out.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an incurable brain disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

Nobody in SWISS company do not said me what my tocket for son canceled. I was randomly selected for a second security check at the boarding gate in Zurich airport, the security staff were unfriendly, said it was a TSA requirement even though I stated I am a United States Citizen and That I have already passed through a complete security check Point, still they placed a metal & scanning detector on my feet, hands & belt. Never have I faced a humiliating situation at any other airport. Flight was four hours late, we missed the connection to from arlanda to Bangkok. At check in I requested a emergency row or bulkhead seat.Fortunately today, there are many resources available to help people live productive and independent lives.Whether you're new to the topic, looking for further information on the subject, caring for someone who has CP or wanting to connect with others facing the same dilemmas, there are resources out there that will provide the assistance you may need and the comfort in knowing that you are not alone.There where four flights all due to take off at 1030 with this company which caused major back up and delay in check in and tsa.They did not delay the boarding times and I had to run to get my plane even though I was at the airport 3 hours before hand. We ended up paying so much extra that we could have flown Virgin Atlantic for the same price after all the ads ins.Flight was four hours late, we missed the connection to from arlanda to Bangkok.