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Much like the transition from a first date into a solid relationship, a retailer needs to invest time and learn more about its customer than just their basic demographic information and past purchasing habits.

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How can a retailer evolve its relationship with a customer if it keeps asking the same surface-level questions every time it interacts with a shopper?A retailer will learn nothing new and can only offer the same, products or sections of its catalog each time if it simply focuses on those first-date questions.Being a serial dater These are the worst offenders of all.They’re attractive, charming, put together, and just as fast as you’re creating your wedding Pinterest board, they’re searching for their next Tinder date.Each incident of Internet straying brings its own gleeful anatomizing.Take the many pundits philosophically parsing the question of whether Anthony Weiner cheated on his wife.

She accepts, and he sends her a message saying, “thanks for accepting.

To avoid this, you need to establish a cadence that works for your audience.

It might take a few test campaigns, but a retailer can determine the best times and frequency to reach its customer base—when they want to be reached.

When establishing a relationship, whether in the dating or email marketing world, time needs to be dedicated to strengthening that bond.

Just as two people would get to know each other, a retailer needs to understand where each customer is in their own unique journey and make sure that is clear through their email communications.