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It’s just that will all feel rather abstract and somewhat irrelevant when a City midfielder lets a pass go astray and someone like Sadio Mane is bearing down on an out-of-position defence, the sheer simplicity of the pace making a mockery of such vaunted sophistication.

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We receive the following error message (attached) every few minutes which seems to be related to the archving process.

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We've upgraded a few of our Group Wise 8 clients from 8.0.3 Hot Patch 3 to 8.0.3 Hot Patch 4 to address the critical security vulnerability in HP3.Every piece of data is automatically accessible via single-point search-and-retrieval in an environment that users arefamiliar with.The information management features of Group Wise provide the product with far more than a distinct functionality advantage over traditional document management systems.Although document management has existed for many years as a groupware product category, this technology has always been developed, implemented, and administered apart from messaging systems.This requires organizations to maintain and support separate infrastructures for the document management system, messaging system, imaging system, workflow system, and so on.By combining document management capabilities with a familiar e-mail working environment, Novell's Group Wise product is well-situated to bring document management to the corporate user.