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Azura also said, during that particular voyage: "For the most cost-effective way to keep in touch with those pack at home, use your cabin phone.

press the Ship to Shore button and dial, at the following price-per-call rates: 0-5 minutes, 5 sterling; 5-10 minutes, 8 sterling; 10-15 minutes, 12 sterling."I write to express my sincere thanks, and those of my friends too, all fellow-passengers on the P&O cruise ship "Azura" from 10th to 24th January 2014, for how, in your you kindly published Azura's outrageous WIFI charges and how you compared them to the free WIFI now being offered by various ports in the Caribbean.

(Note, their websites will be linked to gladly when they reciprocate the link).2017. Digicel Bermuda has unveiled the speeds and pricing for its new fibre to the home offerings, which have been in the works for most of this year.

In most of the UK, very fast unlimited fibre BT Broadband with download speed of 33.35 Mb/s and upload of 9.37 Mb/s is now available for 23 a month plus 17 a month for line rental when using a line telephone.

The fact that the Azura is a Bermuda-registered ship was not received kindly by those of us who had to pay those outrageous WIFI charges.

We know many were adamant in refusing to pay them at all and made this clear to other passengers.

It became a leading matter of discussion at mealtimes, especially among the hundreds who brought i Pads, i Pods, laptops, notebooks and more, expecting to be able to use them.

We hope those in cruise ship management will note your comments and ours and that your Bermuda Government's Department of E-Commerce will soon act to require all Bermuda-registered cruise ships to offer free ship-wide WIFI to all paying passengers and their crews.