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Invalidating a will

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However, since the clause is within the will itself, a successful challenge to the will renders the clause meaningless.

Many states consider such clauses void as a matter of public policy or valid only if a will is contested without probable cause.

Distraught, Monica rewrites her will, disowning both Chandler and Ross.

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Despite that small percentage, given the millions of American wills probated every year it means that a substantial number of will contests occur.

This prevalence of will contests in the US is partly because American law gives people a large degree of freedom in disposing of their property and also because "a number of incentives for suing exist in American law outside of the merits of the litigation itself".

For example, if Monica makes a will leaving ,000 each to her husband, Chandler; her brother, Ross; her neighbor, Joey and her best friend, Rachel.

Chandler tells Monica that he will divorce her if she does not disown Ross, which would humiliate her.

Later, Ross tells Monica (untruthfully) that Chandler is having an affair with Phoebe, which Monica believes.