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Aired 9-10p ET • Deputy's Congressional Testimony Contradicts Flynn's Russia Plea Account; Interview with Congressman Adam Schiff of California; Trump's Lawyer Claims President Cannot Obstruct Justice.

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Solo, who had her national team contract with US Soccer terminated last year 'for conduct that was counter to the organization's principles', claims that women’s teams must put their foot down in negotiations for equal rights after she played a prominent role in the US women’s team’s battle against the United States Soccer Federation for equal pay.

I meet CEOs all the time and I ask them 'what are you teaching your young girls if you're only having endorsements for male football players?

"That's why I really look up to the women of Ireland who realised that in order to get power you have to take it.

"These women were losing money because they had to take time off their work, their day-to-day jobs to go into a camp to get right for the World Cup, or get right for the Olympics, and they're losing money to do that and what do the federations say?

And naturally, a gazillion solo travel bloggers and Instagrammers are inspiring (and enraging) their followers. So does eating alone (thank God for Wi-Fi, is all I can say).

That's why, in compiling this week's solo travel special, we've worked to combine realistic tips from our best travel writers with personal testimonies, industry insights, and travel stories from as broad a spectrum as possible.