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Scientists from the University of Liverpool are developing a new carbon dating technology that could revolutionize field archaeology.

Is dating your cousin wrong

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I been taking her on dates and all over the place and not just the backseat of my car by the Scarborough Bluffs like I usually do.

I’m puttin’ effort in over here eh, tryin’ to let this G know I’m not a wasteman or nuthin’.

Some communities in Australia have a much higher rate of first cousins marrying than others, believing there are cultural, extended family, social, religious and financial benefits in the practice.

Now you might be under the impression that marriage to a first cousin may be akin to gene pool genocide given that any child produced from the union would be prone to birth defects.

But I decided to answer his call and just after saying “Aiight listen, remember when I told you I met this dark-skin girl named Rosey in August?

Well, we been chillin’ every weekend and she’s really feelin’ the kid.

Hell, when it comes to incest amongst royal families, that’s NOT just limited to the imaginary Lannister family in Game of Thrones. From a biblical perspective, Adam and Eve not only suggests direct incestuous relationships between their children, but there’s also many other references to incest in the bible.

In one of the more famous examples, Cleopatra of Egypt married both of her brothers so they could jointly rule the land.

I ain’t been pressing her for nani either which got me stuck at the plate like I play for the Blue Jays.

But hear wha, just the other day I get back to her place and we finally get things poppin.

” and I sat down and thought about it with him on the phone.

Now, my first instinct is that INCEST IS NASTY, but I get what he was trying to say.