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Game: TEETOTUM -- (Detail from Brueghel's Painting) . By far, the most common rule is for all the players to add one chip to the pot if "O", "All Put," etc. Also included are many put and takes that I do not own, pictures taken from e Bay listings. Look here, here and here, from a site about Spanish language put and takes. As noted elsewhere on this page, it is claimed that the prevalence of crooked Put & Take tops led to the end of the Put & Takes craze after the 1930's. Aluminum mainly, they make a wide variety of modern tops. Their 8-sided one, ink filled engravings, is MS-PT8: 65 grams, aluminum, 2-1/2 inches, spins well. THE DICE IN THIS SET REPRESENT THE FOUR MOST POPULAR STYLES OF DICE IVC HAS TO OFFER AND ALL MADE FROM SOLID BRASS. THESE DICE ARE NOT BRASS PLATED OR PAINTED, THEY ARE 100% REAL CUSTOM MACHINED BRASS. The on on the right appeared on e Bay, Jan 2013, and the seller emailed me that they are being made now by Rose & Pentagram Design,and soldthrough Noble Knight Games. Also, the bottom is rounded, no "nipple" or point to spin on. "Top is NEW 1 and 1/4 inches tall Hand Machined of solid Brass and Polished Made in the U. She sharpened the point *(sanded it down), and that greatly improved its spinning ability. I just received mine in the mail; it spins very poorly. By the way, not shown here, but the jagged line between the "T" and the "A" on the TA side is the signature "Rocky," the nickname of the creator of the top. Originals of these tops are hard to find today, these are made exactly as the originals and after they tarnish, will look exactly like an original does." "Morgan's Revenge, A Pirate Game." Per seller: "This enjoyable and simple game of chance comes with a 6 sided brass top similar to a dreidel, a 16 page booklet including instructions, and replica gold doubloons and pieces of eight. It is small enough to stick in your pocket or in a pouch while wearing your costume. I like it: shiny, heavy 47 grams, 1-3/8" long, get valid spin each time though often a clumsy spin, fun piece, easy to handle. Per dealer, "Made from solid brass, this six-sided Put & Take measures 1.50" long by 7/8" wide. The game finishes when one player has all of the pieces. Great game to have when family comes over for the holidays." Sold at this web site: "Top - Silver with Black Print". The top is stamped, oxidized and then polished but will patina nicely in time." The price for each is . Launcher: 12- inches long." Dealer told me, "sides are just numbered from 1 to 6 with "Industria Argentina" over 4 and "Trompolin M. There are 9 different cards/designs, repeated 4 times for each different card -- so 4 x 9 = 36 cards. The player would have to unwrap the ticket to see the results. Per UK seller: "A vintage, hand held, plated brass, Mechanical Put & Take Game. It is very well engineered & is in lovely condition for its age."Antique Pocket Knife Shop Display Advertising card with Put & Take Brand. Picture to the left is label on back of store display of the "Put and Take Brand" pocket knives. The seller, in Australia, described it as, "vintage folding knife ...'Put and Take Knife ' Germany, Richartz Bros & Son. Middle ( handle ) 7.5cm x 1.5cm." Inspirational booklet. It describes Put and Take as the "biggest game in the country," and "when it rolls over and stops, you do what it says." It uses the game as a parable for life, and a jumping off point for its economic message. " But it can't come from government because "Where do they get their money? The Birdseye Maple tray is made of one piece of wood with nice graining and a raised edge that keeps the top from spinning off.

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Microsoft has become a leader in the business intelligence market: the Redmond giant is not just extending its existing on-premises Business Intelligence (BI) tools to the cloud, it’s also creating new features and new tools in the cloud.

These tools might eventually be ported on-premises, but the roadmap is not yet clear. The Microsoft BI cloud strategy is called “Power BI” and is based on two principles: Conceptually and technically, there were certain procedures one followed for working in BI before Power BI.

Power Map animations can’t be rendered in web mode.

Excel 2013 is still required on client workstations, unless the animations have been recorded in videos files that can be shared in Share Point document libraries.

Power Map is particularly interesting in map-based storytelling.

Videos of the storytelling can be generated and shared across the team or the enterprise.

Once the reports (including the data models) have been created, we can share them in “normal” Share Point libraries in Office 365 (see Figure 11).

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Pretty much any new Microsoft software today will take to cloud into consideration and the hybrid mode looks realistic and promising.The data in Power Pivot is actually loaded and compressed into a high performing in-memory database; data manipulation (such as filtering and sorting) is blazingly fast even when dealing with millions of rows. We will get back to the Power Pivot features in a future article, but for the impatient reader let’s mention that Power Pivot data models saved online will transparently be loaded in SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) provided by Microsoft.Data models in Excel can be exploited to create pivot tables very familiar to business users.Now the Power BI version can be rendered in Silverlight or in HTML 5, which opens the door to any platform, including (but not limited to) mobile devices.Regarding mobile devices, a Power BI app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT is available in the Windows Store.The same mechanism applies when sharing these kinds of workbooks in Share Point 2013 Enterprise on-premises.