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Regular expression for validating first name

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I was just fine-tuning the earlier suggestions, but you're right, I left out the initial capital requirement.

Also, I put the space in the wrong place; the way I wrote it, it means "an apostrophe or anything in the range of comma through space".

And we should never pass up a chance to reduce the number of backslashes in our regexes.

^_^ It's not really a big deal in a situation like this, where the regex is applied in response to user input and the target strings are relatively short, but that regex is much more complicated and inefficient than it needs to be.

The intention is obviously to make sure every punctuation character is followed by at least one letter; here's a clearer, quicker way to express that: I have a much bigger problem with the notion of applying arbitrary, simplistic validation rules to name-entry fields.

No computer has yet told me that I'm misspelling my own name, but if one ever does, the owner of that computer will not be doing any business with me if I have any choice in the matter. I want the ability to have dashes (-) and dots (.) inside my regex fields... Since Java supports Unicode, it would be just as easy to use "[\p]" instead of "[a-z A-Z]", and thus not annoy people with umlauts in their names.

All examples given here are as simple as possible to help beginners.

The source code is compiled and tested in my dev environment.

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In this case, however, you could just as easily fix the error by removing the backslashes.

Of the four escaped characters in that regex, only the hyphen has a special meaning inside a character class, but not if it's the first or last character listed.

The period loses its usual special meaning, and the apostrophe and the comma never had them.

When I tried: Unnsse, In Java, the backslash is a special character.

[a-z A-Z]*)*$ But Eclipse doesn't like the escape sequences...