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This hypothesis comes from the fact that the Serer still use funerary houses like those found at Wanar.

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While many homes and villages in the surrounding countryside were burned in retaliation for the active guerrilla warfare in the area, Huntsville itself was spared because it housed elements of the Union Army.After the Civil War, Huntsville became a center for cotton textile mills, such as Lincoln, Dallas, and Merrimack.A combination of factors, including depopulation due to disease, land disputes between the Choctaw and Cherokee, and pressures from the United States government had largely depopulated the area prior to Revolutionary War veteran John Hunt's arrival and settlement in the land around the Big Spring in 1805.The 1805 Treaty with the Chickasaws and the Cherokee Treaty of Washington of 1806 ceded native claims to the United States Government.Central to this was a group of about 200 German scientists and engineers led by Wernher von Braun; they had originally been brought to America by Colonel Holger Toftoy under Operation Paperclip following World War II.Assigned to the center at Huntsville, they settled and reared families in this area.Huntsville was the control point for the Western Division of the Memphis & Charleston, and by controlling this railroad the Union had a direct connection to Charleston, South Carolina.During the first occupation, the Union officers occupied many of the larger homes in the city while the other men camped on the outskirts.

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The house was included in the HABS Archive and was photographed by Frances Benjamin Johnston, but already then it was deteriorating.However, due to anti-British sentiment during this period, the name was changed to "Huntsville" to honor John Hunt, who had been forced to move to other land south of the new city.In 1811, Huntsville became the first incorporated town in Alabama.In the initial occupation, the Union troops searched for both Confederate troops hiding in the town and weapons.After they had established themselves, the occupying federals did not burn or pillage the city of Huntsville, though towns around it were sometimes targeted. The Union troops were forced to retreat some months later, but returned to Huntsville in the fall of 1863 and thereafter used the city as a base of operations for the remainder of the war.One significant start involved manufacturing the Keller automobile, but this closed with only 18 vehicles built.