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In most cases of widowhood, if there was a positive attitude toward the spouse during his lifetime, this is enhanced. In a sense, the new lover brings the widow back to life.
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Signs you may be dating an alcoholic

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Growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent is a unique kind of rough.

There are many resources for family members affected by alcohol such as Al-anon.

Check out these related articles: Addiction and Family: Acceptance as a Step Toward Healing in Treatment “Acceptance is not approval.” This saying reverberates through the rooms of 12-step meetings.

They will also become defensive when someone discusses their drinking or will give their “reasons for drinking” with little prompting. Drinking at Inappropriate Times – You may notice drinking in the morning, even upon waking. Or drinking a large amount of alcohol at lunch or early afternoon. Increased Isolation, Loss of Interest – As alcohol becomes more of a focus for the alcoholic, they tend to ignore other areas of their life.

How Family and Friends Survive an Addiction Family and friends can survive a loved one’s addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and other addictions.

In fact the relationship with their loved one can grow to be deeper and more meaningful than ever.

They may avoid people in order to hide their drinking, refusing to attend outings or gatherings with family and friends.

They also may lose interest in things they once loved or enjoyed. Frequent Mood Swings – Alcohol use and withdrawal affects a person’s mood and thinking.