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As for TPMS introduction dates and technical specification this mandate officially requires that (see article 9.2 of adopted text): "Vehicles in categories M1 shall be equipped with an accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System capable of giving, when necessary, an in-car warning to the driver when a loss of pressure occurs in any tyre, which is in the interests of optimum fuel consumption and road safety.

Appropriate limits in the technical specifications shall be set to achieve this, which shall furthermore allow for a technology-neutral and cost-effective approach in the development of accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems." As for the introduction dates of TPMS, there is a two year phase-in schedule starting from November 1st 2012.

These sensors transmit their own ID along with their pressure, temperature and other data to the vehicle ECU and the legislation defines the designated dash mounted warnings for the driver when a Tyre is under inflated/leaking etc.

So all vehicles described in the ruling, made or sold in the US must have Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems since Model Year 2008.

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(1) A company must, in respect of the tires of each specific size designation and type that it manufactures or imports, provide to the Minister, at the address set out in Schedule 3, to the dealers of the tires, and to any person who requests it, the following information: Non-application (2) Subsection (1) does not apply in respect of tires of a specific size designation and type if the information specified in that subsection in respect of the tires appears in a publication issued by any of the following: ) of the Act, a company must, in respect of each tire to which the national safety mark is applied or that is imported into Canada, maintain in writing or in readily readable electronic or optical form records showing that the tire conforms to all prescribed standards applicable to it.We have installed TPMS read and test systems in over seventy plants for the world's car manufacturers since 1998.This plant work is the reason our TPMS dealer tools are always more up to date than our competitors and our technology is always ahead of the market.If records maintained on behalf of company (2) If the records are maintained by a person on behalf of a company, the company must keep the name and address of the person.Tires imported from United States (3) If a tire is imported from the United States, records that the manufacturer of the tire maintains and makes available to the Administrator of the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in accordance with section 30166, chapter 301, title 49 of the On-line registration or card (2) If the written notice does not permit the retail purchaser to provide the information to the company by means of an on-line registration system, the company must provide to the person who purchases the tire from the company a card that permits the retail purchaser to provide the information to the company at no-cost. It is anticipated that this will reduce the cost and complexity of product testing for tire and vehicle manufacturers, while improving safety for Canadians. 139 also introduced requirements for winter tires marked with the Alpine Symbol, the inclusion of such requirements in the Regulations will allow the enforcement of such requirements in Canada.This ruling prompted significant plant system and aftermarket work for our North American operation Bartec USA.