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He added: “I was a huge fan of bands like Mötley Crüe and AC/DC, and the lyrical content was super misogynist on the one hand and sort of quasi-devil-worshipping on the other, and I was neither down with women-hating or the devil, and yet I loved those bands; they were super rocking.” System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian recently said that while he disapproved of Charles Manson’s murders, he still considered him a ‘genius’ for his art and music.[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] (Fuck the law) As I maneuver through the streets A policeman and then they seize bodies of those who disagree (Like, fuck them all) I pray the soldiers get release The price of grief wasn't cheap Hoped you kept to your receipts Where there's beef On the side of the feast, I'm a beast Said it's me now, hold your peace Don't hold your breath Load your piece And then squeeze Then release (Hail Mary) Rest in peace No relief And that's why The fucking martian to the fucking [?

] suspension Man, this shit's suspicious Consequences never in this Fur these fucking pigs and dirty politicians Dirty money, wash the business It's them early birds that'll prolly get it Pull up on you, shut up Shut the fuck up Learn how to run or mind your business [Chorus: Tom Morello] Well my devil won't– Well my devil won't– Well my devil won't– Well my devil won't let me out FTM (Fuck The World) is a collaboration between rapper A$AP Rocky and Prophets of Rage guitarist’s Tom Morello.“They’re people I may not agree with, if we had a checklist of stuff, but they’re both good, decent people and I’m proud to be friends with both of them.“There’s certainly no litmus test — and neither was there with Rage Against The Machine and certainly there isn’t with Prophets Of Rage — you don’t have to be down with the message to enjoy…He has got a slim physique and has never been chubby at point of his life.He works out in the gym and says that he likes to stay in shape and maintain himself.There aren’t many shirtless pictures of his on the media but in those that he has revealed his body, it seems like he doesn’t have a body tattoo which is unusual for a rock band artist like him.