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People who live in a country that issues a reserve currency can purchase imports and borrow across borders more cheaply than people in other nations because they don't need to exchange their currency to do so.

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Radiocarbon dating is used to determine the age of ancient objects by means of measuring the amount of carbon-14 remaining in a sample.However it is an expensive process which takes place offsite and typically takes six weeks or more which means that an excavation is likely to be over before the important dating information can be obtained.An electrical technique separates ideal, clear, electrically non-conducting zircon grains from unsuitable, dark and coloured, electrically conducting zircon grains which disrupt the dating process.Using zircon it might in future be possible to date sand grains with ages up to 100,000 years.

“These tektites are clearly different in their chemical composition, and their geographical distribution also shows that they come from separate impacts,” said Dr. “Surprisingly our age estimates prove that they originated 777,000 years ago with a deviation of 16,000 years.

Zircon is often 'contaminated' with the trace elements uranium and thorium.

The impurities emit alpha radiation and this damages the crystal structure of the zircon sand grains.

Within the error margin, this matches the age of the Australasian tektites.” “The distribution of the tektites and the size of the strewn field indicate that Earth-striking body was at least a kilometer in size and released an impressive one million megatons of TNT energy within seconds of impact,” the doctor added.

Such an impact would have had dire consequences, as it would have caused widespread fires, earthquakes and/or tsunamis, and the amount of dust ejected into the atmosphere would have blocked sunlight and lowered surface temperatures.